Theater of Cruelty

Isra @ l70

The journey to Pitchipoï

Strong testimony in the letter form about Birkenau survival – and the difficult life that follows.

Undressing the lie

With Ten Myths of Israel, author Ilan Pappe shows how easy "truth" can be constructed and sold to uncritical masses. What consequences does this have for the objective, fact-based truth? The book is appalling reading, and a "must" for anyone interested in Middle East, democracy, politics and history.

Israel's neurotic state

14. May this year marks the 70 anniversary of the proclamation of the State of Israel. Historian Michael Brenner takes a closer look at the complex and, in part, contradictory basis of its existence.

West of the West Bank

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is more difficult to resolve than ever, states a Middle East researcher in a new book.