Theater of Cruelty

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In our blind spot

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Sci-fi could help us see our own times, but now we are sci-fi. Computer screens are icons of our time. Inga Strümke just received the Brage prize for this year's non-fiction book.

Two about the tragedy of the Palestinians

ISRAEL: When the Knesset in 2018 passed the so-called nation-state law defining Israel as a Jewish state, it undermined the legitimacy of their own state's existence as a democracy. And here the Norwegian oil fund topped the list of 725 European financial institutions that have invested in 50 companies linked to the illegal settlements on the West Bank.

To lose all hope?

HOPE: The good or reasonable hope is to hope for something that lies within the limits of possibility.

Wonder as a way of life

PHILOSOPHY: Jostein Gaarder conveys a mixture of worry and wonder.

The American dissatisfaction, frustration, inconsolability, hopelessness and mistrust

POLICY: The philosopher Espen Hammer gives a crystal clear analysis of US policy in a new book. This is a country where the annual value of lobbying is estimated at well over NOK 40 billion.

The dissatisfaction, the frustration, the inconsolability, the hopelessness and the mistrust

POLICY: In the USA, the annual value of lobbying activities is estimated at well over NOK 40 billion.

Norwegian shadow pages

COMMUNISTS: The author writes the story of the stigmatized in a Norway that cultivated the victory story and the Labor Party's sweeping flags, while hunting for the Communists.

When is it okay to lie, and why?

LIE: There are no limits to how many lies leaders can tell the people as long as the lies are useful to the state, and other lie perspectives from the philosophy of the new book.

To combine research, observation, gut feelings and human knowledge

LANGTVEKISTAN: Erika Fatland has taken the journey across childhood's promised fantasy land that stretches across several national territories.

A little war, if appropriate

The Peace Nation Norway shows how ruthlessly guided our "peace contributions" in the world are.

With the imperfect guideline 

People with special needs are the prerequisite for creating good communities, the founder of the Camphill movement believed.

Tasty carotid artery

Well-written and stylish book about a country located somewhere between the continental and "Norway Around".