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cold war

"The Age of Transformation"

POWER: Is it possible to explain why the resurgence of free market ideas has resulted in persistent unemployment, rising inequality and financial crises? According to Philip Ther, the corona pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine have led to the end of an era – the world as imagined after 1989.

On a tandem bike into the future

Nuclear Weapons: Despite repeated demonstrations, nuclear weapons are still with us, and they are at least as dangerous as before. This book contains what you need to know about the history of nuclear weapons.

Is a new Cold War coming?

Should we dig down, or should we find maps and compasses? asks the leader of Norway's Peace Team, Kari Anne Ness.

Czechoslovakia, Norway and NATO

We have quite unequivocally expressed our opinion on Soviet politics and the invasion of Czechoslovakia. It may be time to return home to highlight the invasion's consequences for Norwegian politics.

A still very secret world

During the Cold War, Stay Behind armies were to be mobilized in Western Europe by a possible Soviet occupation. British and Americans used some of these for other purposes.