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cold war

On a tandem bike into the future

Becky Alexis-Martin: Disarming Doomsday: The Human Impact of Nuclear Weapons since Hiroshima

: NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Despite repeated demonstrations, the nuclear weapons are still with us, and they are at least as dangerous as before. This book contains what you need to know about the history of nuclear weapons.

Is a new Cold War coming?

: Should we dig down, or should we find a map and compass? asks Kari Anne Næss, chair of the Norwegian Peace League.

Czechoslovakia, Norway and NATO

: We have stated quite unequivocally our opinion on Soviet policy and the invasion of Czechoslovakia. It may be time to return home to focus on the consequences of the invasion for Norwegian politics.

A still very secret world

Frode Fanebust: Cold war, secret army. Stay Behind in Norway

: During the Cold War, Stay Behind armies were to be mobilized in Western Europe in the event of a Soviet occupation. The British and Americans used some of these for other purposes.