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A tool that is over 150 years old

: Photo Phnom Penh in Cambodia has made a name for itself in the photo festival landscape in Southeast Asia since its inception nine years ago. The festival is free and brings the art out into the public space.

A cinematic prayer

Rithy Panh: Graves Without a Name

: Rithy Panh's cinematic excavation of the genocide in Cambodia is entering its third decade, with at least five aesthetic attempts to approach it.

Development at a high price

Chris Kelly: A Cambodian Spring

: The government of Cambodia is tightening its grip on power more and more every day. The high-tension situation makes the documentary A Cambodian Spring all the more terrifying.

Cambodia wipes its tears

: For the first time in 20 years, the ruling Cambodian People's Party is now seriously challenged in the elections in early June.