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The Chinese dream

David Borenstein: Dream Empire

: Based on the urbanization boom in China, the documentary Dream Empire paints a picture of the absurd and almost dream-like state we live in.

unreality Literature

Yan Lianke: The Explosion Chronicles

: Writers around the globe would struggle to recreate what is happening in China in a credible way. 

Peace with 40 annual crisis

Stein Tønnesson: Explaining the East Asian Peace A Research Story

: For 30 years after the war, East Asia was one of the most violent regions in the world. Will the peace continue since 1979?

The only possible form of dignity

Rong Guang Rong: Children are not Afraid of Death, Children are Afraid of Ghosts.

: The story of four siblings' tragic suicide is basically about poverty in the Chinese countryside.

The upcoming war against China

: The United States conjures up an image of itself as the heroic country that can save the world from an "increasingly aggressive China". At the same time, more than 400 US military bases surround China with rockets, bombers, warships and, above all, nuclear weapons.

Give Mao the burning hearts 

: China's most censored author has written a satirical and symbolic struggle for the truth.

Music must be built by necessity

: Do Not Say We Have Nothing is a multi-voiced novel about the collective brainwashing of the Cultural Revolution.

The roots the advertisements omit

: Informative and unambiguous film about the clothing industry's modern slave trade, which stands in stark contrast to the polished advertising images we consume in step with our empty and ever-changing needs.