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Born in the wrong booth

Soraya Zaman: American Boys

SEXUALITY: In the book American Boys, we see portraits of the transsexual reality, which is rooted in society's fundamentally wrong perception of gender and sexuality.

Fiction or reality?

Lisa Halliday: Asymmetry

SEX: Asymmetry highlights stories about gender roles, nationality and power and gives us an unforgettable asymmetrical experience, in both form and content.

A third legal gender alternative

: We live in a society where the diversity among us humans is great, also when it comes to gender. There are men, women and non-binary, among others. 

From gender to control

: It is not the usual gender differences (or #MeToo) that are discussed in What Helmer could say to Nora – and other essays, written by Dag Østerberg – now published posthumously on Gyldendal.

Squash, gender identity, life and death

Erin Heidenreich: Girl Unbound

: Girl Unbound is a complex documentary about gender, sports, the Taliban, war and death threats.

Feminist everyday resistance 

Sarah Ahmed: Living and Feminist Life

: Living a Feminist Life is a sparkling handbook on practicing feminism in a world of new dividing lines.

Being in love with either / or

Naomi Alderman / TV series based on Margaret Atwood's 1986 novel: The Power / The Handmaid's Tale

: The Handmaid's Tale confirms the liberal left's worldview, while The Power challenges it.

My juicy judgment


Gender and oranges


Gender without discretion

Knut Kolnar: The male animal – Desire in modern film

: A terrifying example of how bad it can go when you use a fashionable academic theory as a map, and try to adapt the terrain to it.