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The organic class

Bruno Lato, Nikolaj Schultz: Note on the new organic class

Environmental struggle: The productivity of nature itself must be taken into account – other species, ecosystems, soils, the atmosphere and the sea. This was Bruno Latour's last book.

Easy socialism in a time of capitalism

Axel Honneth: The Idea of ​​Socialism

: There is still a lot of gold in socialism, says the philosopher Axel Honneth, who nevertheless does not hesitate to discard the left-wing revolutionary romance. 

Against the light of socialism

Nina Björk: The dream of the red Rosa Luxemburg, socialism, language and love

: Nina Björk leads us through the fog of consumer power and identity politics, together with Rosa Luxemburg.

Dear, don't be weird

: My dad Toni Erdmann. Screenplay and direction: Maren Ade.

: By taking their characters seriously, My Dad Toni Erdmann avoids the comedy genre's most obvious solutions.