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climate crisis

The permanence and possibility of the crisis

PHILOSOPHY: Agamben's sketches for a theory of civil war are thus perhaps also a contribution to a new theory of revolution. Revolution beyond politics. Where the revolution is finally thought beyond any notion of a state and standing upright like a soldier who salutes. MODERN TIMES has chosen to print the afterword to Agamben's book about the civil war.

The Storting could establish a citizens' council

CHRONICLE: What is the reason why the Norwegian people constantly choose oil over climate? And when it comes to the climate crisis, why do Storting politicians withhold significant information from the public?

What happens after the collapse?

Carlos Taibo: Collapse

SOCIETY: There are many indications that a definitive collapse is approaching. For many people, the collapse is already a fact.

From eco-nightmares to historical relief

Kim Stanley Robinson: The Ministry for the Future

THE FUTURE OF THE EARTH: In a groundbreaking new collective novel, we can read about how the climate crisis is escalating and a new ecological world order is emerging.

It's our own fault

DESTROYED NATURE: : Profit hunting, illegal trade in wild animals and a growing population taking over natural areas, provide fertile ground for disasters. Covid-19 is not nature's revenge; we have done this to ourselves.

2050: Earth is our wisest teacher

SCENARIO: Imagine, it's the year 2050, and we look back at the origins and development of the coronavirus pandemic in the last three decades: both the plagues of pandemics, flooded cities, burned forest areas, droughts and other increasingly violent climate disasters. We offer the following scenario for such a prospect from the future.

If we are to solve the climate crisis, we must speed up

Bernd Ulrich Kiepenheuer, Witsch Verlag: Everything is different. The Age of Ecology

CLIMATE: Snail speed in the climate effort will damage the climate, the people and democracy, according to Bernd Ulrich.

Climate rebel with unity and lightning glue

Extinction Rebellion Handbook: This is Not a Drill – An Extinction Rebellion and more

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: Is it possible to get something positive out of a realization that civilization and the planet are about to perish?

The world's hardest turning point

WAR AND ENVIRONMENT: The military-economic complex is a giant environmental sinner.

"Norway's place is in Europe"

EU: If Europe is to achieve a "Green New Deal", where the environment is taken seriously, we must get past nationalism and stupefying populism – according to Eva Joly.

The climate, it's us

Anuna De Wever and Kyra Gantois recorded by Jeroen Olyslaegers, translated by Bodil Engen: We are the climate. A letter to the world

: ACTIVISM: No reason for optimism about the climate, according to the youth generation. Yet this book is full of hope.


ENVIRONMENT: New Extinction Rebellion should be taken seriously.

Youth with acting power

Stretcher Tyrmi: Mission Impact

SUSTAINABILITY GOALS: The new series Mission Impact shows engaged youth who demand action. It is released first on social media.

Will dampen the greenhouse effect by manipulating the atmosphere with synthetic emissions

Geoff Mann and Joel Wainwright: Climate Leviathan. A Political Theory of Our Planetary Future

: When climate becomes the main focus of cross-border politics, it is not necessarily good news. Clima Leviathan tries to give a political forecast for the climate crisis.

Caught in our own snare

Arne Johan Vetlesen and Rasmus Willig: What should we respond to our children?

: In this ecological battle script, two academics declare a settlement with their own generation on behalf of the grandchildren. The result is an uneven but sincere book – which succeeds best when it calls for direct action and declares ecological state of emergency.

Give me back "68"

: Can the 68 gene emerge in a new form and form the basis for the development of a sustainable society?