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The climate crisis

The battle is between carbo-fascism and eco-socialism

Marc Alizart: The Climate Coup

CARBON FASCISM: Climate change facilitates economic speculation and political positioning. Against corruption, we must prepare not only for a state of emergency, but for a climate war against declared enemies, writes Marc Alizart.

Nature determines, not we

Lennart Nilsson: The Beginning

PHOTO: The theme of the exhibition 'The Beginning' with Lennart Nilsson's photographs is especially touching and thought-provoking now that the pandemic is raging.

Post-apocalyptic animation

Simone Hooymans: Breed

WARNING: Can a hand-painted animated film convey the unrest of a announced climate collapse?

The diverse global village

Ivan Bargna: Mediascapes. Pratiche dell'immagine e anthropología culturale

MEDIA: Transnational media landscapes emerge and take shape against a backdrop of increasing mobility in our global village

"Of course Europe must take responsibility"

THE GREEN EUROPE: "European Green Deal" is reminiscent of the UN's first climate report 30 years ago, says Margrete Auken in the European Parliament. "When it comes to the climate, we can not wait to invent something smart. We have to act now ", she says to MODERN TIMES.

An extraordinary and endangered life

Alexei Vakhrushev: The Book of the Sea (Kniga morya)

Yupik-Inuit: The Book of the Sea is a mesmerizingly beautiful close-up study of a way of life that disappears in step with the melting of the poles, and shows a side of Russia we have hardly seen before.

Global cooling alarmism

Rex J Fleming: The Rise and Fall of The Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change

COLDER TIMES: Forget global warming. CO2 does not affect the temperature of the Earth. Around 2030, on the contrary, with reduced solar activity, it may get colder.

High-tech communist luxury and freedom for all

Aaron Bastani: Fully Automated Luxury Communism (FALC)

: AUTOMATED: As much as 60 percent of our meat consumption in 2040 will come from animal-free meat.

The personal climate crisis

Beata Ernman, Malena Ernman, Greta Thunberg, Svante Thunberg: Scenes from the heart

CLIMATE CAMP: Greta Thunberg sees through the hypocrisy of adults with a lightning-sharp gaze. Maybe only a person like her can save the world.

Class struggle or nationalism?

Joseph Confavreux: Le fond de l'air est jaune. Comprendre une révolte inédite

YELLOW VEST: The speed with which Macron has been burned out testifies to how deep a crisis the national democracies in Europe are in.

Thanks, Trump

Rebecca Solnit: Call Them by Their True Names: American Crisis (And Essays)

: Call Them by Their True Names shakes up the ugly truth about the reality we live in after Trump became president. Solnit encourages immediate action – before the planet burns up.

The climate crisis

Andreas Malm: The Progress of This Storm. Nature and Society in a Warming World

: Andreas Malm is a fierce and clear-sighted critic of the environmental destruction of capitalism. Now he is raging against a "reactionary environmental movement" and wants to save the concept of nature in order to save nature.