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Norway's militarization of civil society

Ny Tid prints on the previous page an unknown letter from former Crown Prince Olav, written barely three months before the war came to Norway. He writes...

20 years of nationalist steepness

The reactions to the terrorist attack in the small town of Zvornik illustrate how short the Bosnian reconciliation process has come – 20 years after the Dayton Agreement.

The voice of the oppressed

When someone who doesn't usually have a voice speaks, we should listen. A video from Palestine.

A boy named Bibi

Perhaps the most insightful story of Benjamin Netanyahu is that of the middle son of the great father complex.


A bill allowing for discrimination against gays in the US state of Indiana has created an avalanche of reactions – from business. Future business leaders must continue to be socially engaged to please consumers, the author believes.

The water is so contaminated that your skin flakes off

Not if, but when something happens to you. An abduction, a murder – in Iraq there is a certainty.

Think again about refugees

Climate, war and inequality can, over the next 50 years, make Europe experience far greater migration flows than those we see today. "We have to adapt to a new reality," says Anne-Marie Helland of Church Aid.

Iranian women's ambiguous status

Women in Iran have had to adapt to many changing views on how they should be. Both education and the labor market now appear to be more challenging for women.

"The only way to end this is to work side by side"

In 2005, towards the end of the second intifada, a group of former Palestinian militants and a group of former Israeli soldiers decided that enough ...

"I understand the volunteer warrior well"

There are no ideals associated with peace. It is greyed out and diffuse. Therefore, it is only natural for young men to be drawn to Syria to fight, believes author Kim Leine, a contemporary of the war novel Abyss.

Calls for international regulations

The Norwegian E-service's cooperation with other countries' intelligence services can lead to surveillance of Norwegian citizens in Norway. We need international regulations, says Snowden lawyer Ben Wizner.

Norway must recognize Palestine

There was already little indication that Israel wanted to end the occupation, but now it is official: Israel under the leadership of Prime Minister ...

No Nato base in Georgia

By: Marita Isaksen Wangberg An article in the previous issue of Ny Tid gave the impression that NATO is building a base in Georgia ....

25 years of minority women's struggle

MiRA Center leader Fakhra Salimi has fought a long battle for the rights of minority women in Norway. Still, the biggest challenge is violence in close relationships.

Firearm's many stories

After being shot at on several occasions, Iain Overton decided to write a book on firearms. Now he is Norwegian in action with A bloody journey through an armed world.

Woman's perspective on Pakistan

Lawyer and journalist Rafia Zakaria was married to the United States as an 17 year-old. Now she is debuting with the book The Upstairs Wife, a female view of Pakistan's history.