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The Gaza children do not play like others

A seven-year-old in today's Gaza has experienced three brutal wars. But bleak prospects also create violence among Gaza's children.

FIVE prisons

It is time that the international community sets out to save Israel – away from its own mental prison.

Black gold may be the end of the peace process

The Norwegian company Seabird is involved in oil exploration outside occupied Western Sahara. If they find oil, it is bad news for the Sahrawis.

propaganda War

The United States is stepping up sanctions against Venezuela, calling it a "security threat". A failed strategy, Latin American scientists believe.

NRK on Afghanistan

By: Kristian Fuglseth The propaganda and media wars flicker in front of us – but the volume and distance make us equal. We need to wake up, quietly critical ...

Afghanistan's uncertain future

One year after the election in Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani is looking for possible alliance partners and talks with the Taliban on a peace deal.

Norwegian military equipment behind the attack in Yemen

All five countries that bomb Yemen have purchased military equipment from Norway. But the majority will not tighten the rules on arms sales.

Goodpitch: NGO meets doumentar

Profitable hunting prey of Brazil's rainforest, pollution and altered living conditions in the Faroe Islands, and violence in South Sudan.

Afghanistan's schoolgirls lose

Girls' schools become the losers when the aid crowns disappear. It predicts Ehsanulla Ehsan, the founder of one of the most successful women's education projects in Afghanistan.

Norway must support the initiative to ban nuclear weapons

Everyone realizes that the path to a nuclear-weapon-free world is still long, but a prohibition on international law to create, store, threaten and use such weapons will put an end to nuclear rule over the nuclear weapons discourse.

The lies of the warlords

In this text, John Pilger writes of a "Faustian pact" between war-wielding elites who diminish the dangers of Western, modern fascism – well helped by propaganda disguised as news.

The Norwegian forces in Iraq

This winter, the debate over whether Norway should send troops to Iraq or not break, or at least it should have. Most people have come to terms with the cruel ravages of ISIL and want to stop them, but there has been remarkably little discussion about choosing strategies to achieve this.

IS: A United States-created monster?

IS apparently emerged from nothing and suddenly had an army that caused Iraq's own to evaporate like water in the desert. The war the US and the Gulf states have started against IS, seems to lack both tactics and strategy – at least if the intention is to fight the organization.

The United States is pushing Norway

The US is pushing its allies to prevent support for a nuclear weapons ban, according to Japanese news agency Kyodo. "They want to stifle the proposal at birth," says No to the Nuclear Weapons.

The big divorce

The divide between the man and the woman is greater today than ever in history, a US state scientist claims.