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Mutual solidarity

Pablo Servigne and Gauthier Chapelle: Mutual Aid – The Other Law of the Jungle

Reciprocity: Competition and cooperation are like nature's yin and yang, claim two French biologists. Today, recent biological and psychological research on reciprocity is based on both biochemistry, game theory, empirical examination of symbiotic relationships and the new sociobiology's theories of group selection.

The competition at the bottom

: The precariat consists of people forced into low-paid jobs and temporary employment, and accounts for the largest change in the labor market in 100 years.

Marxist alienation and post-anarchism

: Dag Østerberg published this month the book From Marx 'to Recent Capital Criticism. We use the opportunity to address Marx in a critical way – with topics such as alienation, competitive societies, and the role of anarchism and intellectuals now.

PHOTO COMPETITION: «Welcome to Norway»

: Radikal Portal and Ny Tid announce the Photo Competition: Welcome to Norway