Theater of Cruelty


How will humans learn to live together in the world?

What can the West learn from the East and vice versa when it comes to being human? Learning to be Human was the theme of this year's World Conference in Philosophy in China.

Towards a united humanity

We live in the midst of a world historical drama where revolutionary hope must be kept equal. Only in this way can we build civilization for everyone, claims philosopher Alain Badiou.

- There is no contradiction between the peace movement, the Home Defense or the Defense

MODERN TIMES is on the scene, asking Home Guard soldiers who participated in the Trident Juncture exercise in Central Norway recently, why they joined the military and their relationship with war.

Living in the Earth Ecosystem

The notion of nature as the source of harmony is deeply rooted in the ecological movement. Do we now need new stories about our species to survive?

Sisterhood and hope for the future

Around 200 000 women have been raped as part of the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. City of Joy is a hot documentary on the way back to life.

USA: God's own country

Wise and well-written analysis gives us answers as to why the United States so often misunderstands the rest of the world.

Bannon's laws of nature

Steve Bannon was the brain behind what was actually a revolution in the United States. Is it time we take him seriously?

No one would think anyone could bu

West's scrapped phones, PC monitors and refrigerators become a kind of livelihood for the many living on the world's largest garbage dump for electronic products, Sodom

Foucault and the Iranian Revolution

It is far from Tehran 1978 to Paris, Copenhagen or Oslo 2018, but with Foucault's help we may be able to understand a little more of the religious language of the Iranian revolution.

ZERO and the Nobel laureates

If you are one of those who think exhortations about environmental destruction are well exaggerated, you should not read on.

Laila, the mother of addicts

Laila at the Bridge takes us on a grueling journey to Kabul's gloomy drug environment, accompanied by a woman trying to save addicts.

Fake news = false reality

A new documentary looks at Trump's election campaign and the significance of fake news through Russian media clips.

From the Pearl of the Black Sea to a political game piece

Odessa's international film festival was naturally influenced by political themes this year.

The airport you never leave

Tempelhof, the former German pride and architectural gem of an airport, has been given new life as a refugee reception.

The power of mobilization

Political resistance in Africa is led by middle-class individuals, while the poor are gathering in the streets.

How can we help the Syrians?

War reporter Rania Abouzeid secretly went into Syria and stayed there for several years. No Turning Back is the story of four Syrians and three cities, and the story of a defeat.