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Whistleblowers – People's Enemies?

fearless: A vibrant democracy, a vibrant press, and the rule of law are intertwined and depend on whistleblowers being taken seriously. Ny Tid interviewed whistleblower and lawyer Kari Breirem, current with the book Promoting justice and preventing injustice – about corruption, legal security and whistleblowing.

Chaos always triumphs over order

Assange: WikiLeaks is a Puritan illusion.

The US-Mexico conspiracy

MEXICO / USA: In Mexico, they violate human rights by ignoring the law. In the United States, they violate human rights by applying the law.

The anti-Nazi who took the world by storm

MATCH: After his death, Stieg Larsson became world famous for the crime trilogy about Lisbeth Salander, but his life was first and foremost marked by a tireless struggle to map and uncover the growing movement of neo-Nazism and fascism.

Trouble in the top too

The corruption index shows that robust democratic institutions limit the level of corruption in the public sector.

Captivating about the theft from the public purse

The Panama Papers emerge as a captivating thriller about the worldwide scam that led to a multi-billion dollar tax escape.

On walking in today's Europe

Fabian Göranson paints a melancholy and loving portrait of a continent that is still alive in the past, but desperately looking for a viable future.

The waste of development aid continues

The fact that presidents in poor countries buy exclusive private aircraft has become the very symbol of waste of aid money and loans. Now it has happened again – in Zambia.

Who owns Oslo?

Transparency International will survey who owns Oslo and assess the extent to which the owners bring corrupt luggage. 

Bloodless blood transfer

When it comes to helping countries financially, thinking and idealism is not enough. You have to know the culture of the individual countries and know where the corruption is.

#CorruptToo – new give in the fight against corruption?

Two-thirds of all the world's countries are struggling with serious corruption problems. It shows Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2017 released this week. 

Corruption as stable equilibrium?

Corruption is a major obstacle to the opportunity to solve the most pressing problems of our time – poverty and unhealth, the environmental and climate threat and increasing economic inequality.

Cambodia wipes its tears

For the first time in 20 years, the Cambodian People's Party is seriously challenged now for the elections in early June.

Anti-corruption and assistance in vulnerable states

Norway should continue to be a spearhead in the fight against corruption.

Eva Joly: "Norway stands alone in Europe"

She has been called crazy, icy and revolutionary by the French establishment, and is a seasoned participant in Europe's most important political arena. Ny Tid has met Eva Joly.

Tax Justice: We'll try again

What happens to the work on tax havens in Norway after the Panama Papers scandal? If we look at the work in three important areas, we get a certain overview.