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Short Film

Short film winners with political sting

: short Film Festival

NORWEGIAN SHORT FILM: Many of the films at this year's digital short film festival in Grimstad dealt with current political topics.

Luxury for the masses

Corina Schwingruber Ilic: All Inclusive

LOTS OF TOURISM:: This short documentary depicts the life of an "all inclusive" cruise ship and is a humorous and apt commentary on the mass consumption of our time.

Burlesque and carnivorous satire

Robin Jensen: SHORT MOVIE: Farse

SUNDANCE CURRENT SHORT FILM: The short Norwegian animated film Farse is a grotesque, uninhibited and entertaining satire on the gluttony and decadence of our time.

Big brother hears your music

David Verbeek: SHORT MOVIE: Trapped in The City of a Thousand Mountains

HIPHOP CENSORSHIP: The rappers in the Chinese city of Chongqing are influenced by government censorship.

Short films, small questions?

Meryam Joobeur, Morgane Dziurla-Petit, Fanny Ovesen, Kaveh Tehrani, Robin Jensen: Brotherhood / Excess Will Save Us / She-Pack / The Manchador / Farse

THE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL IN GRIMSTAD: The clearest trend in Norwegian short film is the spotlight on interpersonal relationships. Does that necessarily make them apolitical?

Slive kick about power play in intimate relationships

Johanna Pyykkö: The Manila Lover

: WORLD PREMIERE: For the first time in 16 years, a Norwegian short film has been selected for the critics' week in Cannes.

A different religious history lesson

Nina Paley: Seder-Masochism

ANIMATED MUSICAL: The filmmaker behind Sita Sings the Blues has once again made an animated musical full of catchy music and feminist critique – which, like its predecessor, is available online for free.

Sparkling new talents in Edinburgh

Léa Luiz de Oliveira and Nisan Yetkin / Carina Haouchine: I Don't Want to Call It Home / Ululation

: The Edinburgh International Film Festival introduces fresh talent and new voices during this year's festival, while reflecting on Edinburgh's cultural diversity. 

Tribute to the otherness

Rati Tsiteladze / Rosie Haber and Lauren Cioffi: Prisoner of Society / House of JXN

: Among many outstanding works at this year's Melbourne Film Festival, there were two short films that excelled with their courageous, empathetic and clear attitude to LGBTI rights.

A young look at history


: Despite Slovak dominance in the Plzen festival recently, two Czech newcomers excelled.

The art of seeing

Robert Fischer / Lynne Sachs / Luciano Piazza / Mikhail Zheleznikov: Beyond Cinema: The Dumpster Kid Experiment and Other Utopias / Carolee, Barbara and Gunvor / Acedia / Kameshki (Pebbles)

: The international short film festival in Oberhausen was held for the 64th time this year. The festival is now at the forefront of its field, with innovative, experimental and artistic films on the program.

Female contrasts at the Berlin 

: Berlinale

: The thought-provoking reality of Javisha Patel's short film Circle stands in stark contrast to life in cotton-picking Alabama, as portrayed in Maris Curran's short film While I Yet Live.