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short film festival

Short film winners with political sting

: short Film Festival

NORWEGIAN SHORT FILM: Many of the films at this year's digital short film festival in Grimstad dealt with current political topics.

Short film program about the Y-block and the vulnerability of architecture

: short Film Festival

ARCHITECTURE: Two films about the Y-block have, under the cover of the ongoing demolition, become both documentation of ideological fluctuations and mourning hymns over a lost time.

Short films, small questions?

Meryam Joobeur, Morgane Dziurla-Petit, Fanny Ovesen, Kaveh Tehrani, Robin Jensen: Brotherhood / Excess Will Save Us / She-Pack / The Manchador / Farse

THE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL IN GRIMSTAD: The clearest trend in Norwegian short film is the spotlight on interpersonal relationships. Does that necessarily make them apolitical?