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war crimes

"Stink journalism" against whistleblowers

JOURNALISM: Professor Gisle Selnes writes that Harald Stanghelle's column in Aftenposten on 23 February 2020 «looks like a statement of support, [but] lies as a framework around the aggravated attack on Assange». He is right. But has Aftenposten always had this relationship with whistleblowers, as in the case of Edward Snowden?

Today it is Assange. Who's next?

THE ABUSE OF POWER:: What will the arrest of Assange mean for freedom of the press and respect for the law?

The verdict has fallen

THE VERDICT: Finally, my, as well as all other victims' dream has come true.

The goal of international law

Jorien van Nes: Defending brother number two

: When they defended the Khmer Rouge's deputy commander, who was charged with war crimes, the lawyers learned that when it comes down to it, it is politics that prevails.

To return to the Balkans

Lars Feldballe-Petersen / Sophie Vukovic: The Unforgiven / Shapeshifters

: Two documentaries portray people who for very different reasons had to leave the former Yugoslavia. For equally different reasons, they also return.

Guantánamo – Norway and the West's shame

: Serious war crimes have been committed against the prisoners at Guantánamo while Norwegian politicians and the military have remained silent – and thus are co-responsible.

Iraqi government forces commit war crimes in Syria

: What does it take to kick-start an open and honest debate about the Norwegian contribution to Iraq? Who exactly are we to ally ourselves with?