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Criminal networks eradicate wild species

ILLEGAL Catch: Chinese mafia deals with swim bladders from fish, Mexican fishermen are pressed into criminal activity and police are terrified.

THE RIGHT TO BE HIGH: Colorado's cannabis experiment

legalization: Has the legalization of marijuana led to idyllic freedom for users, or has another market emerged for cynical profit hunters?

Crimes and punishments

ABUSE OF POWER: Criminal justice in Northern Ireland and Spanish abuse of power in the Basque Country were the subject of two of the Scottish Documentary Institute's debut films during the Bridging the Gap program this year.

Gloomy everyday struggles among Scotland's poor

POVERTY: A generation of young Scots show moments of tenderness and care amidst everyday frustrations, trials, and episodes of violence.

Social heritage and criminal environment

SOCIAL REALISM: With Goliat, Peter Grönlund reaffirms his position as one of the Nordic region's most socially engaged and real-life filmmakers.

When society is militarized

Many expect the authorities to provide a safe society, where there is no need to fear dangers, new enemies and refugees. But are we able to see the consequences of the authorities' political "sneaking" of more control?

Is the nation-state out of step with the world?

The nation-state strives to control climate challenges, international crime and epidemics, while cities have more political power than ever. Cities act where national authorities only talk.

About technology and crime prevention

Pre-Crime deals with different facets of statistically based crime prevention work – from the police and social sciences, through technological conditions to practice and impact.