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Attempt to be alive 

: What happens to art in a contemporary without permanence, where everyone is left to a floating, infinite space? 

The ethical value of literature

: Literature and art can help us out of anger and frustration and towards a greater understanding, says Martha Nussbaum. 

Drone Dilla

: Civil society must take ownership of drone technology, says Anders Eiebakke, currently with the exhibition The drones are coming! 

Mathematical art

: In the art market, originality and uniqueness are an artist's foremost capital. But what happens when an algorithm can calculate these properties better than the artist himself? 

The manifesto as an art form

: The film installation Manifesto, which is shown at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin these days, addresses some of the many paradoxes that cling to the manifesto genre – both in its political and artistic formations. 

Great moments of imperfection

: Guttorm Nordø stages our experience of being in the world – as if we had just arrived at it.