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A tear for Kurdistan

Sarah Omar: Dead washer

: The Death Washer is a well-written and painful novel that continues the debate about circumcision and violence against women – and it deserves all the awards it can get. 

Run, Leyla, run

Asli Özarslan Germany: Dil Leyla

: After 20 years abroad, Leyla Imret became mayor of her hometown – which is central to the ongoing Turkish-Kurdish conflict.

The righteous war

Bernard-Henri Lévy. France: Peshmerga.

: As a source of stability in the region, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters can get more support for their liberation struggle, believes the controversial philosopher and documentary filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Kurdish Anarchism

: "Nothing similar has been seen since the Spanish Civil War," Norwegian anarchists believe. The Kurdish People's Defense Unit seeks to create a system that ensures democracy, equality, freedom of expression and the rights of minorities.