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women's rights

Football bans and women's matches

Marwa Zein: Khartoum Offside

SUDANISH WOMEN'S FOOTBALL: When the African dream is not to meet the right one, but to play for the national team.

Kurdish women's struggle

Alba Sotorra: Commander Arian

: Alba Sotorra spent five months on the Kurdish front line in Syria, where she followed the life of one of the female fighters in the Women's Protection Unit.

Good news: June

: ...

"God counts the woman's tears"

Guiseppe Carrieri: hanaaa

: Hanaa describes the lives and destinies of four young women in different parts of the world, and shows how the patriarchal will is imposed on them through myths and superstitions.

The word as the key to power and prestige

Mary Beard: Women & Power. A manifesto

: Women and power is a short story. Women's silence has a thousand-year-old tradition. 

Tempting and seductive feminism

Fact cartoon series by Marta Breen and Jenny Jordahl: Women in Fight – 150 years of struggle for freedom, equality and sisterhood

: Sometimes it's simple sparkling good. Breen and Jordahl's presentation of the history of the women's struggle in comic book format is fresh and liberating, devoid of self-assurance. 

Women raise their voice in Turkey 

: The international women's film festival Filmmor in Turkey may be seen as a drop in a male-dominated sea, but it is part of a feminist current that is growing in strength and scope.

Afghan girl power

Beth Murphy: What Tomorrow Brings

: If you want to run a girls' school in Afghanistan, you may have to check the water supply for poison every morning. Is it worth it?