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The black dove of peace

ORIENTERING: Here we present a unique role model in Norwegian press history.

Social Democrats and Leninists

REFORM AND REVOLUTION: Now, in the era of electoral federation efforts, it is perhaps a worthwhile endeavor to try to think through the concepts of reform and revolution.

Marx's dialectical materialism

MARX/LENIN: The fight against alienation is, after all, the general goal – something that has disappeared in Leninism

Østerberg and Leninism

PHILOSOPHY: As a contribution to a possible ideological discussion within the Socialist Electoral Association, I think the article about Lenin is not exemplary

To leninism

MARX/LENIN: With the formation of the Socialist Election Union, the parties' relationship with Vladimir Lenin's teachings is important. It is human activity, their work, struggle, play, research, which is the source of knowledge.

The peculiar forms of repression in the Soviet Union

iDEOLOGY: MODERN TIMES brings, due to today's attention to Russia, a look at the Soviet Union 50 years ago. In the book from 1972, Herbert Marcuse describes and assesses the conditions, condition and possibilities of the Soviet Union – and Soviet Marxism as an ideology.

150 years after Lenin's birth

ORIENTERING MAY 1, 1970: The world over will mark the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth. Today, Lenin is a historical leading figure for rebellious people in the world's poorest peasant countries, writes Hans Fredrik Dahl in this article, emphasizing Lenin's role as dialectical revolutionary, politician and journalist rather than theorist and philosopher.