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"Dealing with illiberal states is a chronic problem"

John Ikenberry: Power, Order and Change – in World Politics

USA: We talk to John Ikenberry about «after victory moments». Is there any real incentive for the powerful state to spend money to rebuild and foster a better order? The liberal international vision is not globalism, it is intergovernmentalism.

The American dissatisfaction, frustration, inconsolability, hopelessness and mistrust

Aspen Hammer: USA. A superpower in crisis

POLICY: The philosopher Espen Hammer gives a crystal clear analysis of US policy in a new book. This is a country where the annual value of lobbying is estimated at well over NOK 40 billion.

The dissatisfaction, the frustration, the inconsolability, the hopelessness and the mistrust

Aspen Hammer: USA. A superpower in crisis

POLICY:: In the USA, the annual value of lobbying activities is estimated at well over NOK 40 billion.

The value of man in the unemployed society

Daniel Susskind: A World Without Work: Technology, Automation and How We Should Respond

LIFE: How are we going to be able to live a meaningful life in a world without work, where everything is automated and education no longer leads to work?

Can the past explain today's furious young men?

Pankaj Mishra. Translated by Agnete Øye: The age of fury. A story of the present

RIGHT EXTREMISM: Novelist and essayist Pankaj Mishra is on her way to Oslo. On that occasion, his global book success comes in the Norwegian paperback edition. Welcome to an inspiring, provocative and at times frustrating book.

What is freedom without governance?

Cass R. Sunstein: On Freedom

PATERNALISM: Sunstein advocates active social manipulation to help us make wiser choices. In the book On Freedom, he questions whether free choice actually promotes human welfare.

A counterbalance to today's cruel lack of solidarity

Franco "Bifo" Berardi: The Second Coming

Totalitarianism?: The anarcho-communist critic Franco Berardi believes we have overestimated reason and intelligence as a world-changing force.

Liberal and anarchist

: The weekly magazine The Economist marked its 15th anniversary on 175 September with a manifesto against weakened liberal values.

The Liberal Dilemma

: ORIENTERING OCTOBER 1968: Hans Skjervheim's new book The Liberal Dilemma and other essays deserves a certain prevalence for obvious political reasons. Some will receive it with insults, accompany it with choirs, and bury it with a parable or a political sketch. Others will declare it well-known, label it as past, passé and thus confirm its criticism. Some will think that it is precisely for this reason that it is a very useful book, writes Øyvind Østerud in his review, among other things.

US left wing on wild roads

Mark Lilla: The Once and Future Liberal. After Identity Politics

: American identity politicians have no strategy and want none either. They just want to express themselves and increasingly radicalize themselves.

Increasing pressure on the family

Year of Bicek: THE FAMILY

: Rok Bicek's documentary explores the growing expectations of the family, under the pressure of liberal capitalism.

The Liberal Utopia

Dybedahl, Kristjánsson, Innset and Hverven (eds.): No people are born free

: Above all, it is we who do not blame liberalism for all that is wrong in this world, who should dwell on this book.