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Democracy in French-speaking Africa

SAHEL IN ENGLISH: France has strangely managed to preserve the hegemony over its former colonies, including in the dissemination of knowledge. This book is a much needed exception, which provides the background for understanding the recent coup in Mali.

Obama's loyal advisor

ruthless: Democrat Susan Rice was the United States ambassador to the United States and became a national security adviser. After tough negotiations with Iran, she got an explosive alert case in her lap: Edward Snowden.
war in Libya

The unbearable ease of the Libya war

LIBYA: Following the Jan Petersen Committee's report on the Libya war in September 2018 - and after the Storting's lack of reactions - several academics are upset.

The word that kills

muzzle: Power abuses, war of attacks and mass murder are carried out today without anyone lifting a finger, since all criticism is dismissed as "conspiracy theory".

I'm Julian

Assange: Ultimately, it is a matter of legal and moral duty to expose war crimes.

Assange and the free word

The arrest of Assange is about an "arrest of democracy".

Get the Defense home!

Party leader Bjørnar Moxnes emphasizes to MODERN TIMES why Red this month has four new proposals to the Storting. Red wants to reverse the government's eagerness to participate in attack wars.
Misrata, Libya

The abused resolution and Norwegian embarrassment

The British Foreign Affairs Committee's report on the Libya war is overlooked in Norway: It explains that our allies on the ground were Libyan Islamists with ties to Al Qaeda.

How to take responsibility after a war?

Going to war and dropping 588 bombs across a country means that you have a "special responsibility" to help afterwards.

The new culture of uncertainty

Mary Kaldor's research shows that the security strategies of the authorities maintain and exacerbate the wars rather than halt them, and create good conditions for war profiteers.

A tragic chapter in Norwegian history

Not many expected the Petersen Committee to come up with a critique of Norway's role in the Libya war, but the committee's report is nevertheless less critical than expected. It all remains a sad story.  

Never more war?

Can a third world war based on allegations be thrown at us? Our allies have deployed doomsday weapons in large numbers - a major war today puts all life at risk.

Calls for a new peace movement

"A peace activist organized practice is absent," Marielle Leraand in Red tells MODERN TIMES. Should the main part of the party be the fight against a difference Norway or an attempt to restore the peace movement? Leerand says that the peace movement has been almost dead since 2003.

Libya war amount

The war in Libya was not the result of an intelligence feud. Humanitarian rhetoric was prepared weeks or months in advance to justify a military intervention.

Meanwhile, in Syria, Libya, Bosnia

In Bosnia, peace created the ethnic divide no general, no army, no genocide would achieve. Will the same thing happen in Syria?

A mecca for human smugglers

The smugglers bunk up migrants as if they were goods, before sending them out to sea - many of them dead. Human trafficking has become an important source of funding for Libyan militias.

Crushing judgment on the war against Libya

The basis for the intervention in Libya - and Norway's participation in it - is crumbling even more, according to a new report. The disastrous consequences of the war are extensive.

"I've never felt the need to scream to anyone"

Has Nrks Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen really been able to feel the fear of the exposed or the violence of the war? On the occasion of his book, we talk to him about the harsh reality of the Middle East, the significance of journalism, and what such journeys do to a human being. 

30 years in the service of peace

Propaganda, manipulation and other psychological tools are invaluable in both war and foreign policy strategies.