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Silently disciplining research

PRIO: Researchers who question the legitimacy of US wars, seem to experience being ousted from their positions in research and media institutions. The example presented here is from the Institute for Peace Research in Oslo (PRIO), an institution which historically has had researchers critical of wars of aggression – and who can hardly be labeled friends of nuclear arms.

The unbearable ease of the Libya war

LIBYA: After the Jan Petersen Committee's report on the Libyan war in September 2018 – and after the Storting's lack of reactions – several academics are upset.

How to take responsibility after a war?

: Going to war and dropping 588 bombs over a country means that you have a "special responsibility" to help afterwards.

Libya war amount

: The war in Libya was not the result of an intelligence fad. The humanitarian rhetoric was prepared weeks or months in advance to justify a military intervention.

How to trick a state

: Norway's foreign policy after the year 2000 has been characterized by a lot of ignorance. This probably also applies to the intervention in Libya.