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Lindhardt and Ringhof

2–3 things I now know about Jørgen Leth

OLD AGE: To be in life. Really be. It is Danish Jørgen Leth's contribution to the rest of us. And this book cements that way of being in life. But, our reviewer asks: «Are we humans never satisfied?»

The environment, the people, the landscapes and the memories

Essays: Siri Hustvedt writes sensuous and dialogic essays. The writing constantly invites to be disconnected. The reader therefore discovers as much in his own life as in Hustvedt's.

The fake refugee

Theater man Kristian Husted goes undercover as a refugee, but unfortunately gets too little out of the transformation. 

Neruda's love for the earth

Earthly love shows the way to universal care.

The sweat of the work

The book Move Fast and Break Things draws sharp criticism of Google, Facebook and Amazon, but at the same time is partly romantic and uninhibited.

With the ego as goal and method

11.11.11 is the story of a Danish businessman's possible participation in a very special smuggling story, but most of all, a story about I-journalist Mads Brügger.