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At a time when only "necessary" travel is allowed

TO TRAVEL: Where are you going to travel when the pandemic ravages the destination? In the literature, of course. On the deserted islands of the books, you can stretch up the hammock without being infected by anything other than longing.

Instead of a defense speech

: Jens Bjørneboe about Without a thread, fra Orientering October 22, 1966.

Recommended literature this summer

: Recommended books

: Book tips MODERN TIMES's critics and editors recommend books for the summer holidays.

The books are pilgrimages

Peter Handke: Does art possess an independent quality that cannot be overridden by a moral chief judge?

Kierkegaard as a thinker of the time

Søren Kierkegaard (published by Niels Jørgen Cappelørn): Sheet Articles 1834-36, 1842-51, 1854-55

LITERATURE CRITICISM: A selection of Søren Kierkegaard's magazine articles is no easy introduction to his thinking. Instead, they act as markers of the thinker as the voice of his contemporaries.

From silence we have come, to silence we shall be

Erland Kiøsterud: Revelation

:… And only by silence can we be resurrected. 

Cases for everyone!

The House of Literature in Oslo: nonfiction festival

: This year's non-fiction festival has a varied and star-studded program, and practices its own democratic basic idea by being open to everyone.

Environmental protection in the sign of evolution

Douglas Games: Environmentalism: An Evolutionary Approach

: The romantic view of nature can in the worst case stand in the way of adaptive environmental protection work, claims professor of environmental studies Douglas Spieles in a new book.

The rage of democracy 

Michael G. Hanchard: The Specter of Race. How Discrimination Haunts Western Democracy

: New book examines, among other things, how democratic institutions have supported undemocratic practices such as slavery, discrimination and exclusion.

Towards the horizons of humanity

Pooja Ranga: Immediations. The Humanitarian Impulse in Documentary

: The gesture of the participating documentary film genre, where the camera is given to the other, is just a new way of installing and confirming dominance, is Pooja Rangan's critique of documentaryism's "humanitarian impulse". 

It was a wet ride home with a worm

: Orientering 3 August 1968

Catechism over death

Simon Critchley: The Book of the Dead Philosophers

: Simon Critchley's book of death is a display of Socratic ignorance and can be thought-provoking for many.