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Insights into a totalitarian dictatorship 

What kind of country is North Korea, and what do we really know about the North Koreans? 

Report from the eastern front of the fault steps

The most important thing is not to prevent the conflicts themselves, but to remove the violence from them, says conflict resolution expert Oliver Ramsbotham. 

It's good to be kind to yourself and others

An IT professor at elite university MIT was suddenly surrounded by depression and suicide. It made him collect portraits of those who almost went to the bottom, but who reappeared to the surface.

Franco-German connection: Onfray, Houllebecq and Schopenhauer

Houellebecq and Onfray – Schopenhauer's uncritical running boys with books that have little new to bring?

Suburbia in the West Bank

American immigrants make up far more Israeli settlers than their share of the population would indicate.

Factory and cathedral


Joy killer on prescription

Narcocapitalism is a brief history of modern psychopharmaceuticals, but also a theory of how to gain control over the social body.

bomb engineers

New research sheds light on why some seemingly well-functioning engineers end up as radical Islamists.

The conqueror of the useless

A true democracy must be open to dissent, difference and the useless. And only through this "conquest of the useless" can we approach the truth.

Be prepared

A former hacker delivers a gloomy account of our privacy at a time when technology giants are absorbing all the information about you. Some simple precautions can be beneficial.

Warlords' post-democracies

How do the African rebel leaders succeed politically after the conflicts have subsided? Ten African scientists have looked into the matter.

Camorra's prominent torment

From his desk prison, murderous Roberto Saviano continues to fight for the country he loves.

The wisdom of the vulnerable life

Todd May is rediscovering philosophy as a life art, as a practical-therapeutic matter.