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Warning! Maternity!

Before we host parents for the first time – what do we know about parenting? About pregnancy, childbirth and maternity? What choice can we make? Mostly nothing.

The fire as a source of life

Georgio Agamben brings the reader on track to the essential questions of the transforming power of literature – the relation to the mystery of life itself. 

South Sudan: From really bad to worse

The biggest refugee tragedy on the African continent is taking place in South Sudan today. It is constantly growing and thus appears to be an even bigger famine disaster.

Alternative Crimean history

About the detachment from Ukraine and the Western sanctions seen with the eyes of Crimea.

The art of living essayistically

The most fascinating parts of Dillon's essays on the essay are about how the genre embodies a different form from the literary.

Conversion at all costs

Intense exchanges between Chinese and Western economists pave the way for China's opening of the economy.

Dreamers are looking for the world's most important job

The world community needs a great vision for the future of humanity. The ability to reflect and dream can be our most important resource.

Without fellowship, no hope

By studying the modes of hope and the irresolutions of hopelessness, Ronald Aronson shows us what changing the world entails.

The feeling of being alive

To be alive is to find space for the speechless, space for loss, for the superfluous, the death, the mere being, the unproductive.

Accept as a prescription

The situation does not look promising, but pessimism must yield to acceptance and then action.

Good value for money? 

There is intense debate in France and France-speaking Africa about the use of the CFA monetary unit.

Human rights of special interest

The People's Government is weakened by premissive supranational courts, the Power Commission already stated in 2003. What about the human rights in this picture?

The woman, the immigrant and the critical of immigration

An interdisciplinary research group has recently published a pioneering work in the freedom of speech debate, in which the conditions for freedom of expression are given their overall presentation.

Dag Hammarskjöld, seer and explorer

The official and the spirit man Dag Hammarskjöld were not opposites but enriched each other mutually, according to his biographer Roger Lipsey.

Bigger, faster and more inventive 

More people with ever-increasing energy consumption assume that we are accelerating technology development at an ever wilder pace.

A touch of decency

If we think we know best, there is no point in taking others into consideration. That is why it is so important to maintain a culture where what we do not understand is central.