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The cry of pain crying 

The Accusation talks about the daily struggle to remain a human being under Kim Il-sung's terror regime.

Feminist everyday resistance 

Living a Feminist Life is a sparkling handbook in practicing feminism in a world of new divides.

The noble art of lying

In Werner Sonne's new political thriller, fake and facts turn into a higher and most frightening entity.

Kills per dollar

Ny Tid prints here an excerpt from Dag Hoel's new book, Fred is not the best – from inside the Norwegian ammunition industry. The book is about Hoel's upbringing close to Raufoss Ammunition Factories AS and international arms trade in general.

Campaigns from Trump countries

The shock that followed the American election is about to subside. Now it has to be traded. 

The city's psychopathy

All architecture is political, claims the Swedish sociologist Göran Therborn, and praises modernity for its denial of authority.

Security for sale

The security agents in Africa contribute to the security of some, in certain areas and sometimes, but also mix roles.

Europolitic striptease

Europe must fight alone to maintain the rights-based society we take for granted. 

Atheist doomsday prophecy

The fact that Europe's secular is doomed to lose to fanatical religions, which in turn has far more descendants, is a premise that Michel Onfray never investigates its durability.

The memories of a radical parliamentary woman

In the shadow of Labor's leadership struggles, Harriet Harman has made life easier for British women.

Hegemony as power and opportunity

Perry Anderson has looked at the concept of hegemony and how it can be used in a politically advantageous way. 

Philosophical grins

The Terror of Evidence is a book to smile and touch – and to annoy green over.

Only one vote among many

Thinking can be carried on by everyone, argues philosopher Jacques Rancière, and rejects the masses in an ideological fog.

The First Greens of Homo History

At a time when the gay lobby has become an everyday concept, Homintern is a welcome analysis of the fear potential of homosexuality.

Hitler writing, diaper changing and writing success with German success

Knausgårds books create addicts. Only when the active substances have been surveyed is there hope for rehabilitation.


NOBEL PRIZEN: Has the Academy finally realized that heavy rock rhythm can bring poetry and culture?