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When violence becomes the only thing

POWER: According to Hannah Arendt, the use of violence, weapons and bombs renders us politically speechless. Can her particular analyzes of power teach us anything about the violence that is being carried out from and in Gaza today?

Who will own the stories?

POWER: Whose Story Is This? encourages each of us to change the world by changing what story we choose to tell and who it belongs to.

What's new in the uprising

NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL: The new form of protest mentioned by the anarchists does not want an overall "narrative" about the events in Hong Kong.

From prosthetic to dictator

In Putin's Witnesses, we follow Putin's path to power in Russia and see how early promises of free press end in full rejection of democratic rules of play.

The new culture of uncertainty

Mary Kaldor's research shows that the security strategies of the authorities maintain and exacerbate the wars rather than halt them, and create good conditions for war profiteers.

The word as the key to power and prestige

Women and power are a short story. Women's silence has a millennial tradition. 

Power and resistance

Irene Langemann's documentary on Pjotr ​​Pavlenskij poses the question: Faced with extreme repression by the state, what can an individual do, other than resort to extreme actions?

About recognition and power

When Trump acts as he does, impulsively and timidly, it is in the desire for recognition.

Hegemony as power and opportunity

Perry Anderson has looked at the concept of hegemony and how it can be used in a politically advantageous way. 

Civil power in dark times

Many become pessimists of Trump and the rise of right-wing populism, but abuse of power and inequality can bring new life to civil society. 

Soft porn for the down side

As the last pacifist utopia of the modern world, the European adventure must continue, writes Jean Quatremer, who can still quickly become the useful idiot of the world.

Asbjørn Aarnes – a life

An 24 minute portrait of Aarnes (1923 – 2013), about life, relationship with God, a life after that, and the meaning of it all. Also about the ...