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Margot Wallström

A woman's struggle with reality

THE WOMEN OF EUROPE: In our interview series with European women, Sweden's former Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Margot Wallström is last out. She believes that we currently live in a world of autocrats, where Nordic welfare values ​​have poor conditions.

MODERN TIMES: Quarterly magazine next!

: It was time to settle the status quo, now in our sixth year for today's MODERN TIMES. Not only is the world changing with a pandemic (see otherwise in the newspaper), but the public has also changed drastically in the last decade.

The rise and fall of the feminist

Viktor Nordenskiöld: The Feminists

: What happens when you end up in a position to actually be able to realize the policy you claim to stand for? Director Viktor Nordenskiöld has followed former Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström for four years.