Theater of Cruelty


Africa and «the brutish museums»

Cultural history: It is necessary to relinquish ownership of colonial loot. The treasures of European museums have been stolen. And what about the Cultural History Museum in Oslo – which is also on the list of museums that have Benin's stolen bronze sculptures?

Sensible Arabic film-painting

WOMEN: A sensual and strong relationship between women without a touch of Hollywood feel.

Entrepreneurs in the desert sun

Who would think that Morocco is a pioneer in solar energy and is investing heavily in achieving ambitious climate goals?

Western Sahara: does Norway contribute to the occupation?

While the Sahrawi is fighting for independence in Western Sahara, the Oil Fund continues to have interests in the occupied areas. 

Shipping company in the countercurrent

"We do not take a position on internal conflicts and have neither the opportunity nor the desire to debate this," says the director of the shipping company that their vessels have transported phosphate from Western Sahara.