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The «smart» interior of everyday life

Sianne Ngai: Theory of the Gimmick

GIMMICK: Sianne Ngai is one of the most original Marxist cultural theorists of her generation. But she seems keen on pulling the aesthetics down into the mud.

The question of technique

Mercedes Bunz and GrahamMeikle: The Internet of Things

IOT: Things have started to behave. But the fact that things around us are getting smarter does not necessarily mean that we ourselves are getting smarter, quite the contrary.

How capitalist alienation has assumed form

Guy Debord: The spectacular community

THE MEDIA SOCIETY: An analysis of how human relations, including language, have been staged. Here in a cool elegance, what Debord himself called «the style of negation».

Thomas Piketty does not settle for a crisis of capitalism

Thomas Piketty, translators Peer Bundgaard, Manni Crone, Adam Diderichsen and Niels Ivar Larsen: Capital and ideology

DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM: Piketty's latest book is about redistribution and not so much else. There are an awful lot of statistics and some fine fictional exemplifications. The hope of a green capitalism seems to have completely disappeared.

Where were your revolutionaries, Karl?

Christian Labhart: Passion – Between Revolt and Resignation

PHILOSOPHY: The documentary Passion – Between Revolt and Resignation reflects on man's willingness to engage in his time and to rebel.

The understanding of the possible

Mikkel Bolt: At the cry of Marxism – Studies in Western Marxism's self-criticism, expansion and settlement

MARX: Mikkel Bolt takes hold of the many uprisings of our time. He belongs to the theorists who would have liked to have seen the showdown with what we might call state and party Marxism.

A dangerous transhumanism

Nick Dyer-Witheford, Atle Mikkola Kjøsen, James Steinhoff: Inhuman Power – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Capitalism

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Nick Dyer-Whitford is a ring fox in critical studies of technology and artificial intelligence. He also criticizes luxury communism and the so-called accelerationists.

Social class Marx did not predict

Gérard Duménil and Dominique Lévy: Managerial Capitalism: Ownership, Management and the Coming New Mode of Production

: The mode of production of our time has not two, but three classes: the capitalists, the working class and the leaders. 

Johan Galtung: How is Norway going?

: How independent and critical can one be? In part 2 of the double interview with Johan Galtung, we talk about Norway's relations with the USA, Sweden, Muslims, anarchism and Marxism.

Limitation on freedom

Arne Johan Vetlesen and Rasmus Willig: What should we answer?

: We know it so well, and we do not really want it. Therefore, we compromise with our own emotions when we act as blind to the destruction of nature.

Marx in dreams

Marshall Berman: Modernism in the Streets A Life and Times in Essays

: Marxist humanism can help people feel at home in history, even when history hurts them. 

A Communist Manifesto

: Can Karl Marx still show us some ways forward 168 years after the book came out?

Marxist alienation and post-anarchism

: Dag Østerberg published this month the book From Marx 'to Recent Capital Criticism. We use the opportunity to address Marx in a critical way – with topics such as alienation, competitive societies, and the role of anarchism and intellectuals now.