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The peculiar forms of repression in the Soviet Union

IDEOLOGY: MODERN TIMES brings, due to today's attention to Russia, a look at the Soviet Union 50 years ago. In the book from 1972, Herbert Marcuse describes and assesses the conditions, condition and possibilities of the Soviet Union – and Soviet Marxism as an ideology.

The divine comedy

EVIL: God Himself is the problem of evil: Do we have to kill, and do we have to kill many, and all the time, for the world to get better?

150 years after Lenin's birth

ORIENTERING 1. MAY 1970: The 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth is being celebrated all over the world. Today, Lenin is a historical leading figure for rebellious people in the world's poorest peasant country, writes Hans Fredrik Dahl in this article, where he emphasizes Lenin's role as a dialectical revolutionary, politician and journalist rather than theorist and philosopher.

Four measures against the use-and-throw culture

Razmig Keucheyan Zones: Read about artifacts. Comment sort about consumerism

FALSE NEEDS: Keucheyan does not want an authoritarian Marxism where the bureaucracy decides what the citizens need. He also suggests that in order to reduce current consumption, manufacturers must make products with longer life and warranty periods.

Racism and class struggle

David Roediger: Class, Race, and Marxism

"Only a radical abolition of the structural conditions for the exclusion of workers – black and white – will be able to slow down the ongoing social exclusion process in the United States," historian David Roediger claims in a new book.

About Bert Brecht

: This month it is 70 years since Bertolt Brecht was born, and Georg Johannesen draws a portrait of the Marxist, moralist and poet. 

Johan Galtung: How is Norway going?

: How independent and critical can one be? In part 2 of the double interview with Johan Galtung, we talk about Norway's relations with the USA, Sweden, Muslims, anarchism and Marxism.

Gone, but missed

Michael Löwy: Redemption and Utopia Jewish Libertarian Thought in Central Europe A Study in Elective Affinity

: Redemption and Utopia tells the story of European thinkers influenced by Jewish Kabbalah, anarchism and Marxism – a type of thinker that no longer exists. 

Marx in dreams

Marshall Berman: Modernism in the Streets A Life and Times in Essays

: Marxist humanism can help people feel at home in history, even when history hurts them. 

A Communist Manifesto

: Can Karl Marx still show us some ways forward 168 years after the book came out?

Marxist alienation and post-anarchism

: Dag Østerberg published this month the book From Marx 'to Recent Capital Criticism. We use the opportunity to address Marx in a critical way – with topics such as alienation, competitive societies, and the role of anarchism and intellectuals now.

SUF and Mao Tse Tung

: Mao's idealistic theory that the Cultural Revolution is enough to abolish the classes is incorrect – and our left wing's admiration for this superficial idea can have unfortunate consequences for politics in the future, writes Dag Østerberg in this text from 1968.

A true human image

: We bring here the first part of Jens Bjørneboe's article series «Socialism and freedom»