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food production

The black dove of peace

ORIENTERING: Here we present a unique role model in Norwegian press history.

Food from thin air. Almost.

Food production: The newly explored "air food" contains neither soy, hormones, pesticides, herbicides nor genetically modified organisms. And the manufacturing process, which is carbon negative, can reduce traditional food production – which currently causes a third of the world's CO2 emissions.

An agricultural cluster – a state-of-the-art industrial complex

FOOD: The problem is access to food. Everyone must eat to live. If we are to eat, we must buy. To buy, we must work. We eat, digest, and shit.

guerrilla Dama

FOOD IN THE GARDEN: A new book claims that by cultivating the soil around you, on a slope, in a backyard or in a flower box, you become a more conscious consumer. These are the first steps towards a sustainable food future.

The deadly soyamafia

A Journey to the Fumigated Towns shows the pollution and extinction that threatens Argentina's indigenous population, caused by the soy industry.

Hunger's big question – properly asked

In a small, concise book, Eric Holt-Giménez shows that hunger problems are different than we usually think.

What happened to the animal welfare, Jan Tore Sanner?

It is the animals that go above and beyond when the Minister of Knowledge presents new curricula for consultation in the spring.

The Unknown Story of "The Red Gold"

Taking the tomato puree as a starting point, The Empire of Red Gold provides an incredible insight into the mechanisms of the global economy and production methods that are hitherto unknown. 

Food on a troubled planet

The world's intensive food production, with its resource consumption, can quickly send us into serious crises. Something has to be done. 

Everything of value is destroyed in the jungle of Borneo

The demise of the rainforest on Borneo has led to great progress and increased wealth – for the few. What do you do about it?