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What really characterizes NETFLIX?

Netflix: Media professor Amanda Lotz provides some interesting perspectives on the global streaming services' business models and Netflix's success.

Signs of the Media Times – interview with Truls Lie

INTERVIEW: MODERN TIMES's editor Truls Lie interviewed by Forum Borealis on several topics.

Bone women's fight in a male-dominated industry

DISCRIMINATION: Jill Abramson gives the unmasked truth about how female journalists are subjected to sexism in some of America's largest newspaper houses.

Galtung: More peace journalism

Media is more concerned with violence than peace, according to Johan Galtung. 

When you know someone who knows someone

Thor Halvorssen's OFF and the Human Rights Foundation have been strongly attacked for lack of credibility. Halvorssen believes the media creates 'facts' and attacks a number of Norwegian journalists who glorify the left in Venezuela.

Vital biennial

It is now two years since the new Ny Tid was established. So where does the road go next?