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media criticism

With spine and ethical compass intact

: NOTICE We need a media culture and a society built on accountability and truth. We do not have that today.

Media is a main channel for distorted reality 

: Sylvi Listhaug was never produced with a swastika in AFK's street art work in Bergen, as presented on TV 2 on 6 April. Where exactly is the journalist's press ethics responsibility? 

Media critical exhibition

: Despite the fact that Media City Bergen huser Norway's largest media group, the media-critical exhibition Question Everything, which opened on 22 February, has received very little press coverage.

The press as 'fake news'

: The press as fake news is not a new phenomenon – according to Søren Kirkegaard, the false is not in the content, but in the form and format itself.

Uncritical coverage of war industry

: Ny Tid has interviewed Dagbladet's John Olav Egeland who believes the war industry is protected by the Norwegian media.

Illiberal trends in Norwegian media

: Harsh attacks on skeptical dissent and lack of criticism of those in power: Is the mass media helping to restrict freedom of expression? Ny Tid has spoken with media researcher Rune Ottosen and Fritt Ord's director Knut Olav Åmås. 

The Holberg debate: Essential falsehoods and immaterial truths

: Why do ordinary journalists react so strongly to media criticism of the kind Assange and Pilger bring to the square? Dagbladet and Bergens Tidende were quick to call the two "conspiratorial".

The factual basis for the slaughter of the Holberg debate

ASSANGE: While Dagbladet's Inger Merete Hobbelstad claimed that Julian Assange was allowed to speak "unchallenged", Bergens Tidende's Eirin Eikefjord gave him the psychiatric diagnosis paranoid. Did they have a basis for that?

Investigative journalism in a digital age

: Tanned media figures such as Noam Chomsky and Glen Greenwald discuss in an interesting way the conditions of investigative journalism in Fred Peabody's documentary All Governments Lie.