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Why are some victims more worthy than others?

UKRAINE: Sometimes our humanitarian values ​​disappear overnight. Will the rest of the world participate in the West's 'moral parade' over the war in Ukraine?

"A murderous system"

SWEDEN ACTIONS: Why do not Swedish authorities cooperate with the UN mechanisms and respect the principles of transparency, accountability and law when it comes to the Assange case, asks Swedish Arne Ruth.

The diverse global village

MEDIA: Transnational media landscapes are emerging and shaping a backdrop of increasing mobility in our global village

The silence as it happens

Mustafa Saeed's subdued portraits raise the question of whether we have passed the most dramatic imagery of distress.

Biblical beginnings of journalism

Derrida's juxtaposition of Christianity and modern journalism is thought-provoking, but it is difficult to take the philosopher's ideological criticism of the media as a Christian phenomenon seriously.

When freedom of speech becomes war propaganda

What happens when it is no longer possible to distinguish between news reporting and propaganda? Russian media's spread of hatred in eastern Ukraine has become a significant part of the war machinery. 

Is VG published by NATO?

The World Gang is Norway's most read newspaper. The newspaper sets the agenda, and characterizes and dominates Norwegian political debate. Then it is a pity that the newspaper's defense and foreign policy profile is so uncritical that one would think the newspaper is published by NATO or the Pentagon. 

Find the bankruptcy rider

At the annual SKUP conference, we can share the rawness of our methods even if we are competing for the issues

Leer-Salvesen: Picture checks

There are many ways to investigate the origin of an image.

"We tell ourselves and each other stories to survive"

Interview: Ny Tid met director Joachim Trier before the premiere of his new film Louder Than Bombs, to talk about what experiences and what thinking it takes to make quality films.