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Realists Stanley Kubrick

He is a filmmaker who has meant a lot to many of us. In a world that is globalized and militarized, Kubrick is still relevant.

Women's collective anger

#METOO: Good and Mad encourages women to show their minds so that together we can create revolution and rule the patriarchy.

The fear of the invisible

Behind both Islamic State and right-wing groups, exactly the same mechanisms act as a driving force, points out German author and journalist Carolin Emke. In her book, she draws on the great perspectives.

To shoot after Faust with a shotgun

There is a lot of light, sound and timely embrace of #metoo in We Must Talk About Faust. But less Faust.

Stories from a shaky welfare state

Something is rotten in the welfare state of Denmark – yes, in all the Nordic countries, says the photo agency Moment Agency.

Under Brooklyn bridge for #Metoo

Seven female photographers in a tough macho industry are commenting on the #Metoo debate by encouraging dialogue.

From production to reproduction

Interview with philosopher Paul Preciado: The Old Days Workers' Camp was about collectivization of the means of production; today it is about the collectivization of reproduction means. 

Should we burn de Sade?

The debate about sexual abuse and unculture in a predominantly male world is virus-like. Artists in particular are affected by the epidemic.

Prose: May


The Swedish academy between the ideals of literature

In the case of the Swedish Academy, it is the conflict between the ideals of literature and the monstrosity of abuse that becomes decisive.

More armament?


I'm so tired of assholes 

We are all tired of people using their power, but I am also tired of individuals now being allowed to influence the entire debate on sexual harassment.

After #metoo

The #metoo campaign has sparked an important debate around the world. Still, I'm worried about what's coming after the campaign is over. 

 Me too

Over the past few weeks, we have seen through the #MeToo campaign how widespread sexual harassment is. Unfortunately, the scope is not surprising.