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the middle class

The colorful Indian microcosm

TRAVEL ESSAY: In search of a self away from the corona pandemic. In India, the western structure is turned upside down. Instead of crying for food and clean water, the homeless masses sing mantras and throw flowers to their idols to forget the hungry…

Creativity, openness, style consciousness, entrepreneurial spirit, empathy and cosmopolitanism

Andrew Reckwitz: The End of Illusions. Politics, Economics and Culture in the Late Modern

THE MIDDLE CLASS: Relevant in these corona times is whether Reckwitz's analysis opens up for a restructuring of the economy back to a "real economy" – from the cultural capitalism where the goods promise consumers symbolic, narrative, aesthetic and ethical experiences.

The middle class without funds

Henning Melber (ed.): The Rise of Africa's Middle Class Myths, Realities and Critical Engagements

: This is a very solid academic work where all the authors are critical – in some cases very critical – of this understanding of the middle class in Africa