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Simply earthlings

Alain Badiou: Migrants and Militants

How hospitable can one be expected to be? Those who do not belong anywhere become poets, because they have to invent a new form of world citizenship, writes Alain Badiou.

Refugees, sports and photography

: The refugee crisis in Lesbos is the worst we have seen in a long time.

Immigration as a means of payment for the sins of the West

Why should migrants "respect our borders"? The West never respected theirs. Immigration quotas should be based on how much the West has destroyed other countries.

The Art of Escape: A European Nightmare

Hassan Fazili: Midnight Traveler

The Fazili family are migrants. They record mobile phones of their dangerous journey from Afghanistan via the migrant route in the Balkans and to an uncertain future in Europe.

Mexico's vulnerable excavators

Julien Elie: Dark Suns (Soleils Noirs)

With life as an effort, Mexicans try to dig up the bodies of their dead relatives while being threatened by both the cartels and the authorities in a deadly terrorist attack.

They are left behind daily struggles

Ester Sparatore: Those Who Remain

By gradually revealing the big picture, this observational documentary illuminates not only those who disappeared during the Arab Spring, but also the daily and perpetual work of the departed women.

Drop them in!

Norwegian asylum policy is becoming increasingly brutal.