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All against all

Translated from English by Signe Prøis: Behrouz Boochani: Only the mountains are my friend

REFUGEES: Cohesion is pulverized, everyone just thinks about managing on their own, surviving, tearing up an extra snack, a place in the food queue or the phone queue.

Raw, naked and masculine

Achille Mbembe: brutalism

RACISM?: Before it was the Baroque that seduced Mbembe, now it is brutalism – used as an analytical breaking point to understand Africa and its relationship with Europe.

Short film winners with political sting

: short Film Festival

NORWEGIAN SHORT FILM: Many of the films at this year's digital short film festival in Grimstad dealt with current political topics.

To return to the Balkans

Lars Feldballe-Petersen / Sophie Vukovic: The Unforgiven / Shapeshifters

: Two documentaries portray people who for very different reasons had to leave the former Yugoslavia. For equally different reasons, they also return.

Escape and love

Mohsin Hamid: Exit West

: «Location, location, location, say realtors. Geography is destiny, historians answer. " From Exit West

Through hell against Europe

: Eritreans on the run are beaten, raped and locked up, and risk their lives on their way across the Mediterranean. European policy means that they have no other options.

Bordered with boundless violence

Recce Jones: Violent Borders Refugees and the Right to Move

: The state has always tried to prevent people from moving freely and unbound. But is not man really nomadic in nature?

Set free – Kripos has now been notified to the Police Department Special Unit

: Defender Brynjulf ​​Risnes now reports both Kripos and the public prosecutor to the Special Unit for Police Matters. Genocide accused Eugene Nkuranyabahizi is probably innocent. The process against him is very similar to the Monika case, according to former Kripos investigator Håvard Aksnes.

To turn the tolerance sheath after the wind

: The eagerness to accuse immigrants and Muslims of being intolerant of queers, appears quite strange when you look at what kind of attitudes still exist among so-called Norwegian ethnic.

Tortured and killed after being denied asylum in Norway

Torture: Despite warnings, Chechen Apti and Umar were denied asylum and had to leave Norway. The Helsinki Committee and the Memorial say the two were tortured and killed by the Chechen authorities. Are the Norwegian authorities responsible for their subsequent death after denying them political asylum?

A close look at the border surveillance in the Mediterranean

: Everyone is allowed to leave their own country, it is a universal human right.