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Raw, naked and masculine

Achilles the Dead: brutalism

RACISM?: Before it was the Baroque that seduced Mbembe, now it is brutalism – used as an analytical breaking point to understand Africa and its relationship with Europe.

Mexico's vulnerable excavators

Julien Elie: Dark Suns

THREATENED: With life at stake, Mexicans are trying to dig up the bodies of their dead relatives while being threatened by both the cartels and the authorities in a life-threatening terrorist empire.

To show it at once unworthy and worthy

Peter de Vos: Homelands

: INCLUSION / EXCLUSION: A white, South African photographer portrays the efforts to belong to and build up under constant threat of demolition in the informal settlements of the cities.

More than sun and heat

Giulia Fabbiano, Michel Peraldi, Alexandra Poli, Liza Terrazzoni: Read migrations of the North verse of the Suds

MIGRATION: Uneven book about people who move with a desire for a better life, but face problems when they move "home" again.

From elite living in Sierra Leone to everyday wear in the American supermarket

Andreas Hadjipateras: A Forgotten Past

SIERRA LEONE: Solomon Juxon-Smith works in a supermarket in New York and may look like any middle-class American. But before this life he had another. He lived in Sierra Leone, and his father ruled the country.

About the Migration Filmmaker

Elodie Lelu: Lettre à Theo

MIGRATION: In Lettre à Theo ("Letter to Theo"), director Élodie Lélu explores the visions and work of the late Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos related to the refugee crisis in Greece.

New borders in Europe

Antonis Vradis, Evie Papada, Joe Painter, Anna Papoutsi: New Borders. Hotspots and the European Migration Regime

CONTROL: Today's European refugee policy is no longer about respect for free movement, but about control.

Slum dwellers are displaced to accommodate residential complexes and golf clubs

Arnisson Andre Ortega: Neoliberalizing Spaces in the Philippines. Suburbanization, Transnational Migration, and Dispossession Ateneo de Manila

: In the Philippines, poor villagers are displaced when luxury quarters are expanded to millions of newly arrived, returning foreign workers.

For the benefit of children?

: "It is not Norwegian asylum policy that makes children flee, it is the situation in their home country," writes Mina Vinje. Pressure is disappointed with the Labor Party's migration committee, and believes they are violating international obligations.

Can the migration crisis be resolved?

Jacqueline Bhabha: Can We Solve the Migration Crisis?

: The migration and refugee problem could be radically reduced, says the British lawyer and Harvard professor Jacqueline Bhabha in her new book.

Famine and climate flight

: How should the world community meet people who are fleeing because their land has been swallowed up by the sea?

The dream of Europe

: Born in Syria. Directed / photo: Hernán Zin

: The documentary Born in Syria lets us get to know seven Syrian children and their different paths to and through Europe.