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The dream of Europe

: Born in Syria. Directed / photo: Hernán Zin

: The documentary Born in Syria lets us get to know seven Syrian children and their different paths to and through Europe.

"Stay away, otherwise we treat you like animals"

Eva Orner: Chasing Asylum.

: Chasing Asylum provides a timely critical look at Australia's cruel refugee policy.

A mecca for human smugglers

: Smuglerne bunkrer opp migranter som om de var varer, før de sender dem ut på havet – mange av dem rett i døden. Menneskesmugling har blitt en viktig kilde til finansiering for libyske militser.

Need to tell

Zaradasht Ahmed: Nowhere to Hide.

: A Norwegian film finally won at the world's largest documentary film festival in November – documentation of everyday life in Iraq, seen through the camera lens of an ordinary citizen who himself ends up as a refugee.

Reply from the head of the immigration boarding house

: Response to the case «Xenophobic asylum doctor at Trandum».

Xenophobic asylum doctor at Trandum

: "Build a border fence with Sweden – do not wait until the invasion is underway!" The doctor who assesses whether people in Trandum are healthy enough to leave the country, is at the same time an active debater on anti-immigrant websites.

Inadequate health care

: A large number of suicide attempts, frequent use of isolation and lack of psychiatric follow-up: The health services at Trandum meet both concern and criticism.

"You're not gay" 

: It is so absurd to sit in a courtroom where someone is set to "prove" their homosexual orientation – and in very many cases are not believed.

The sea is burning

: «Hvis vi ikke endrer kurs, vil den fremmedfiendtlige politikken føre til at Europa kollapser,» sier Gianfranco Rosi, filmskaperen bak Film fra sørs vinnerfilm, Lampedusa-dokumentaren "Havet brenner" (på kino nå). 

Want to show another Syria

: Nylig arrangerte Space en tredagers konferanse på Litteraturhuset i Oslo. «Folk flykter ikke til Europa eller Norge fordi de har så lyst på et nytt liv. De fleste ville faktisk foretrukket å bli i nabolandene,» sier syrisk menneske-rettighetsakivist. 

The eyes closed for the future

: The flow of the month for abo: The dream of a lost homeland is the only thing the refugees have left, as they are portrayed in this documentary. How can one then face the future?

Describes the everyday life of the refugee children

: En halv million syriske barn lever i dag i Libanon med mangelfull eller ingen skolegang. Dokumentarfilmen If I Close My Eyes gir et innblikk i hverdagen deres. Ny Tid talte med regissør Francesca Mannechi som lar våre abonnenter se filmen.