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Two testaments over life

Hell: Is it possible to simultaneously touch on four major themes, such as sin and evil, the desire for knowledge and conquest, relationships and competition, or the fear of death itself? Let me try in this essay – about Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Dante.

Many Norwegian conservatives will nod appreciatively to Burke

A DOUBLE BIOGRAPHY: Since the 1950s, Burke's ideas have undergone a renaissance. Opposition to rationalism and atheism is strong among the 40-50 million evangelical Christian Americans.

An Aztec hip-hop millennial battle for the globe

A new, young voice is fighting for indigenous people as well as the environment. This is how he spreads hope both to his own generation and to the elderly.

Caught in our own snare

In this ecological martial art, two academics declare a settlement with their own generation on behalf of their grandchildren. The result is a bumpy but sincere book – which succeeds best when it calls for direct action and declares ecological state of emergency.

Food on a troubled planet

The world's intensive food production, with its resource consumption, can quickly send us into serious crises. Something has to be done. 

Limitation on freedom

We know it so well, and we really don't want to. Therefore, we are at odds with our own feelings when we act as blind to the destruction of nature.

On common happiness hunting

Happiness was the theme when the 10 anniversary of the Arne Ness symposium was celebrated in Oslo. 

Study, understand and use nature

Broadly oriented science journalist Amina Khan shows how nature can teach us a thing or two about sustainable technology.

The wireless industry's sunsets?

Radiation: A call from scientists and doctors around the world calls on the European Commission to halt the rollout of 5G in Europe until the health and environmental impact has been investigated by impartial researchers. The call indicates that the harmful effects of microwaves are known, and already so extensive that they threaten the health of humans, animals and plants.

Green djugurba

How about shifting focus from consumer to natural objects?

Mankind 2050 

2050 is just 33 years ahead of us; The 33 year behind us is Orwell's 1984. Much has happened since then – and much will happen before 2050.

Goodbye to the consumer plastic

Plastic belongs to Fortida's material solutions. We need a change of course now.

Water for all

Water is politics. Ten countries control 60 percent of all available fresh water in the world.