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350 shades of green

Bjorn Stærk: The pursuit of green happiness

: Bjørn Stærk's critique of the system is difficult to disagree with, but his truths are not necessarily others'.

Norway has become a climate political slowdown

Eivind Trædal: The black shift

: Our important public debater Eivind Trædal has written a thorough history book about Norwegian climate policy – and why it is on a wild goose chase.

Tourism – troublesome or enriching?

Megan Applewood: Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet: Environmental, Business and Policy Solutions

: Tourism is under scrutiny in a thought-provoking book about a world industry in expansive growth.

Doomsday is canceled

Kristian Leth: Hope – A defense of the future

: Filled with fear for the future, Kristian Leth tries to tell an alternative story about how the world really is.

Entrepreneurs in the desert sun

: Who would have thought that Morocco is a pioneer in the field of solar energy and is investing heavily in achieving ambitious climate goals?

Good news: August

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California Dreaming?

David Vogel: California Greenin '- How Golden State Became and Environmental Leader

: In his new book, Professor David Vogel describes how the state in a number of areas has managed to implement its own regulations to support economic and cultural development and growth.

A long-limbed, coal-eating grasshopper 

: Lignite is the dirtiest of all power sources. Ny Tid recently visited the shrinking Jänschwalde mine in Germany. Visits to the mining landscape were previously strictly forbidden to the public.

The debate about salmon

: The debate about the future of the fish farming and fishing industry is characterized by unclear intentions and a lack of long-term perspectives. It is more important to make it possible for people to participate in the debate, than to convince that "Salmon is important for Norway".

The dying city

: Taranto is known as the city by the two seas and for its world-famous olives and clams. But the Italian coastal city has also become one of Europe's most polluted cities.

Good news: June

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Give me back "68"

: Can the 68 gene emerge in a new form and form the basis for the development of a sustainable society?