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Emperor's green clothes

Catherine Hartmann: The Green Lie. World saving as a profitable business model

: The term "greenwashing" became part of our language after eco-thinking became trendy, and states and corporations realized that they could wash dirty affairs with beautiful promises.

A warning to the enlightened consumer

Werner boats: The Green Lie

: «They say I can save the world ... The orangutans, the dolphins, the sea, the rainforest, and even humanity – all I have to do is buy sustainable and fair products. But that's a lie. "

A female role model

: New Year, New possibilities. 17 years ago, British Charlotte Horton left her homeland and went to Italy, where she has spent time rebuilding Potentino Castle. We are talking about an ecological way of life and local traditions, but also about democracy and micro-politics.

Good news: January

: ...

Dreamers are looking for the world's most important job

Daniel Pinchbeck: How Soon Is Now. From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation

: The world community needs a great vision for the future of humanity. The ability to reflect and dream can be our most important resource.

Black air and a new sun

François Jacob / Mila Aung-Thwin and Van Roykos: A Moon of Nickel and Ice / Let There Be Light

: Two vastly different Canadian documentaries both delve into the relationship between energy and the environment.

Accept as a prescription

Per Espen Stoknes: What we think about when we try not to think about global warming

: The situation does not look promising, but pessimism must give way to acceptance and then action.

The black hole of democracy

: The drone war's operations center in Ramstein must be removed. Why should the United States still have bases in Germany?

The military – an environmental pollution

: Military activity threatens, ultimately, our entire existence.

The road system both best and worst in class

: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has the largest climate footprint in the state sector, according to a new report. The follow-up of environmental requirements at subcontractors is too poor, according to alerts.

The public chooses climate solutions

: The authorities can choose climate-friendly solutions when they buy goods and services for NOK 480 billion annually – but they do not.

Nuclear power on the film screen

: URANIUM MOVIE FESTIVAL. By Hans-Georg Koehler, Berlin

: There are several good reasons why the Uranium festival should be held in Norway. But not with the support of Statoil.