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environmental protection

Youth with acting power

Stretcher Tyrmi: Mission Impact

SUSTAINABILITY GOALS: The new series Mission Impact shows engaged youth who demand action. It is released first on social media.

Environmental scandal: Plan dumping of 30 million tonnes of mining waste in Repparfjord

: While the rest of the world has phased out dumping of mining waste at sea, Norway is one of five on land on the planet that continues to do so.

Magicians and prophets about the future of nature

Charles C Mann: The Wizard and the Prophet: Two Remarkable Scientists and Their Dueling Visions to Shape Tomorrow's World

: In an effective mix of controversy and history of ideas, this book shows how the environmental situation is a product of the ideas we have about it.

Environmental protection in the sign of evolution

Douglas Games: Environmentalism: An Evolutionary Approach

: The romantic view of nature can in the worst case stand in the way of adaptive environmental protection work, claims professor of environmental studies Douglas Spieles in a new book.

A warning to the enlightened consumer

Werner boats: The Green Lie

: «They say I can save the world ... The orangutans, the dolphins, the sea, the rainforest, and even humanity – all I have to do is buy sustainable and fair products. But that's a lie. "