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Russia's race to the bottom

THE OIL STATE: In this book, Alexander Etkind states that Russia is the least equal, the most militarized and the most carbonized of all the world's major countries.

The pull towards evil

MODERNITY: The West, with its colonial history, fell into violence, perfidiously masquerading as humanism. Here about Dostoevsky.

The black metal movement

DARKNESS: These are the broad lines that are being fought over: the fight against conformity. The National Library in Oslo's exhibition about Norwegian black metal is called Dårlig steving

Road trip to hell

Solar is an exceptional, apocalyptic novel about a human being, moving from modern alienation to a dissolution in the world universe.

The problem of social inequality

Has man ever really lived with nature in freedom and equality, and then ended up in the links of modernity? This essay attempts nothing less than to add the first building blocks to a whole new understanding of history.